Friday, 15 July 2016

Our Goldfish at feeding time.

We've had our garden pond for nearly three years now and at the moment it's doing well. The water is clear, the fish are happy and the water lily is thriving. We have water snails and oxygenating weed to help and so far, no green slime on the top. It hasn't always been easy to keep the pond in good condition and we have tried various pumps and weeds with varying success.

So far though - no babies. Of the five fish we have in there, there must surely be one female, or more.  I've had ponds before and one year we looked and saw many babies swimming around - hard to see at first because they were brown. This time, nothing so far. 

We have a toad that makes an appearance from time to time, but so far no frogs and no frogspawn either. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for next year. Once they find us, we'll have them forever (I hope).

Mr. or Mrs. Toad

What have been your experiences with a pond in a small garden? Have you any tips you would like to share?

Happy Gardening!