Friday, 23 June 2017

Summer in my English Garden

June is the time for roses and this year has been especially good for roses in my garden.  Sadly I can't remember all the names, but you know what they say 'a rose by any other name would smell as sweet' so I'll just leave you with the pictures and you can name them yourself, as I did.

I would call the first one 'Maiden's blush'

and the second one 'Fire of London'

no. 3 I would call 'Snow on the mountain'

and no. 4 'Amongst the buttercups'

No. 5 would be 'Folded tissue paper'

and No. 6 I would call 'Strawberry sherbert'

Would you like to have a go? Tell me what you would call them?

We need some rain. I have been out watering every other day for a week or two and the plants needed it because it has been hot, hot, hot. Thankfully today, we have cooler weather but there are thunder-storms about for the next few days.

With luck we shall have fresh peas for dinner on Sunday - the first of the crop. I can't wait!

I hope everything in your garden is growing well?