Wednesday, 22 June 2016

My Mum

This rose is called 'My Mum' and it is a rose for a special moment. It is in only its fourth year in my garden and flourishes. Here is the description:

'Bushy and healthy floribunda.  My Mum carries gorgeous scarlet blooms with a delicate silver reverse set against lush mid-green foliage.

Height 75 cms (30 inches)

Position: Will thrive in most types of well-drained soil but needs an open, sunny situation.

Planting:  Water thoroughly or stand container in water for an hour before planting.  Plant in hole large enough to avoid disturbing root ball.  Back-fill with soil previously mixed with peat, or a suitable alternative and a recommended fertilizer.

Plant Care:  Roses benefit from the addition of organic material to the soil  Feed in Spring after pruning and again in July.  Water well when dry.'

I think it lives up to its promise, don't you?

Happy Gardening.